Send a photo of your game

Send a photo of what game you are working on. No needed to show scripts.

I will send mine too

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What Iā€™m working on right now: Cookie Tech Theatre DevLog 1 - Public Communications - Cookie Tech (

Wow I really like your map in the background!

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It is not my cafe but it is like my baby. I work on it every day.

So here is a hotel I had previously worked on and then stopped because I sadly lost passion for it.

Hope you like it!

Sweet design, did you design it?

I like the colours & I like the modern design of the build, with many windows and a nice logo on the outside. The sunrays are a little bright and the inside looks unfinished, nevertheless good work!

I think the sun looks too big in size, and the sun rays are too bright. Some more clouds would be nice as well.

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