Share your spotify wrapped! - 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is now out, this is essentially a “reel” with all your Spotify data, almost shown as if a story.

To view your spotify wrapped make sure you have the latest version of spotify and be on Spotify Mobile, then open spotify and on the home page you’ll see “view your spotify wrapped”.

It’s a mini story with all your latest stats

A little tip from Spotify:

Now, what are you waiting for? Share below!

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I got 3 messages from artists on my Spotify wrapped. Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and OneRepublic.


Here are mine!

Click me to view!

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This is mine:

Click To view

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Here’s mine:

Click to view

Here’s my full wrapped.

Press to view

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Heres my overview

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Here’s my spotify wrapped:
I also share a spotify account with my parents only because it has premium so some of their songs will be there too lol.


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Nice choice with Dave - Something from home. :slight_smile:


Which ones from your wrap up do you listen to?

Beyonce, Coldplay, Harry Styles and in the songs bit its Beyonce, TWICE and Harry Styles.

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