Should roblox developers be allowed to IP ban users?

Trollers, alt accounts, everything is so annoying, do you think Roblox developers should have the ability to be able to IP ban players from there game?

I think it could help many small communities but what are your opinions on it?


No. I think they should be able to submit a request to roblox and then roblox can IP ban them from just that game. Then abuse wouldn’t be too high. If you somehow got a script into someones game, you could IP ban everyone, which would be BAD.

Or, at least they should have it so that it is done through roblox API so that the devs never get to see the IP

Well, yes… We’ve seen tons of problems with alts in the past few years, and it’s becoming a larger problem as Roblox Grows. If they were to add it, it should be on the creator dashboard, and you’d type in the user, like Discord’s System. It IP bans the user when you ban someone from your Server.

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In my opinion, this is a 50/50 split. If developers were able to IP ban users then that would be a great thing to reduce the amount of exploiters / hackers in thier game …

However there are a ton of risks associated wtih this (such as feeling insecure that a developer knows your IP, to an extent maybe the developer will even attempt to use it in some sort of blackmarket if they’re that bad) and there can be a lot of abuse with this, too.

Perhaps what if there was just an ip ban function, doesn’t necessarily need to reveal the ip to the developer.