Should Roblox UGC give everyone access?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should roblox give everybody access to UGC?

Already roblox UGC has been falling, even though they’re letting people in through applications: Roblox UGC catalog is going through it's worst period?

This is what the official Bloxy News stated.

Think if this does become reality, so many people will make UGC of Limiteds and sell them, this could kill the platform, you can’t have this. Look what happened to clothing.

We can’t have an anarchy ran catalogue. I’m genuinely scared for the future of UGC.

Roblox UGC moderation seems to be giving up, this is horrendous, what will we do?

Please, Roblox find a good idea to solve this, what are your opinions on this?

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No, Roblox should not give everyone access to UGC creation at all.

We’ve already seen just how terrible the catalog is right now, Roblox is doing this for the sake of revenue and they know it’s breaking the core of UGC value, they have no idea what they’re doing and they are constantly ignoring us.

I cannot tell what the future of UGC would be, but it does not look good.

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It’s quite disappointing - I remember when this feature was first released, and everybody was really hyped, and developers and content creators were making really cool designs.

Now I feel as if it’s just becoming a junkyard of items that’s going to be hard for roblox to keep up on.

Does anybody know if roblox ugc items are content moderated before upload?

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I believe SharkBlox or KreekCraft said something about the moderation of UGC.

From what I’ve heard, UGC used to be filtered through the modertion system right when you upload it to the platform, but now, the moderation system can’t handle so many requests. That’s why now, UGC is only moderated if somebody reports a violation of ToS in a UGC item and if Roblox approves that there’s an issue.