Should Roblox voice chat have filtering?

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So, after finding TikToks and YouTube videos of video creators swearing and using offensive language in VC, should Roblox have a voice AI service to check if there is any bad words?


(Caution, bad drawings ahead)

A user says something through their microphone.

The voice is then sent to the AI and checked if there is any bad language in it.

If it checks out, the audio is then said to other users in the game (with VC on)

So, what’s your opinion on this? Should Roblox consider adding this?

I think it would help with moderation by making sure younger users / minors don’t hear anything bad.

(For criticism, please make it constructive :slight_smile:)

I await your opinions,

I think Roblox should monitor their Voice Chat system. I’ve seen people swearing on it countless and yet it even states in the ToS that swearing is against the rules. This is a bad thing that this isn’t monitors and people aren’t being punished for breaking the ToS.

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Possibly, But it’s only for 13+ at least monitor it and try to keep it safe.

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It isn’t actually for people over the of 13, it for our Verified Roblox players, which I think it bad.

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You can get verified but your ID card or date of birth (I do not know I have not verified myself) must be over 13 years of age to get VC.

I would verify myself for Voice Chat, but I don’t want Roblox knowing my passport information and I’d rather use my drivers licence when I get one as that means nothing to them.

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You can use a drivers license, (17+) a passport, (usually 13+) (I have a passport so I can get verified for VC.

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It could be very hard to do this. Maybe someone could be speaking in another language, or maybe someone just has a lower voice. Several factors will need to be considered if this should ever become a thing.

Roblox has always been about translation, so if Voice Chat was going to be monitored, they would have to hire come translators to listen to all the audios they are saying and then translate it to English/American.

Pretty sure nobody would like to sit listening to audio for hours, lol. They would also need some way to monitor who is talking, for example it could get confusing if several people were talking at once.

AI is Artificial Intelligence, basically a bot. I never said a human would have to listen to it. The bot would, as it is quicker.

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