Somebody lost 10 million robux?

The owner of pls donate, Hazem us known for doing crazy things. This is why I wouldn’t be surprised if I told you Hazem hosted a $10M robux giveaway.

A giveaway for this amount is unheard of and this amount of money is life changing, what happens if I told you the winner of this giveaway lost all the robux?

It turns out “Moot” the winner of the robux giveaway “joked” about selling his account on EBay, which, yes is against the roblox tos.

Shortly after this his roblox account is deleted and Hazem has the robux returned.

So so you think roblox should have been more gentle and allowed him to get away with this?

To my knowledge the giveaway has not been restarted but it’s probably worth keeping an eye out, just in case!

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This seems quite controversial … as we all know, Hazem changed the entire scope of donation games not too long ago and become extremely popular in a matter of months.

Donating 10 million Robux is certainly an absolutely massive, unbelievable donation. So, when this user received the Robux, my theory is that he/she started leveraging users on EBay to purchase his/her account because of its 10M value.

However, because that’s against ToS and Roblox has some uneasy relations with Hazem’s donation games (and Hazem himself), perhaps these reasons are why Roblox terminated the winner’s account.

This is just my theory on the termination, not official information regarding the situation.
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yeah stuff like this happened before
i remember a TikToker won a few million robux from hazem then proceeded to buy as many limiteds as possible and sell them offsite