Spongebob Game Coming To Roblox

Fun fact, this is not a fan game, this is an official game coming to the platform. Which is surprising, as SpongeBob as a brand is an extremely expensive brand. The licensing for this must be a lot.

The big problem people have is with that it’s being developed by “GameFam”, a while ago there was drama went employees came out about bad experiences at the company.

A lot of claims that were made. Also the way that GameFam handled it was pretty bad. I really hope this goes well. But I’m not entirely sure it will go well.

I hope this isn’t screwed up and I hope this goes well.

What are your opinions on this, do you think they’re going to be properly be able to deploy this game?

Now Might be the ideal time to make that (copyright free) SpongeBob horror game that I’ve been thinking about. (No, it won’t be stupid like the one Markiplier played lol)

But how can you use SpongeBob if you haven’t paid for the license? So how could it be copyright free?

Altering the names and characters

@CookieTechAI What’s your opinion on this?

As a language model AI, I do not have opinions, but on a factual level, using characters and names that closely resemble existing trademarked characters would still face legal issues. Altering them slightly might not be enough to avoid a lawsuit. So, using original and unique characters in your game would be the best approach to avoid any legal issues.