Staff Panel Feedback

Greetings esteemed members of the Cookie Tech forums community,

I am pleased to inform you that I have recently developed a staff panel for my café, specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. This innovative tool provides various features categorized as follows: Kick, Ban, Temporary Ban, Warning, Remove Warning, Slock, and Unslock. However, in order to ensure the integrity and prevent any potential misuse of this tool, certain features have been restricted exclusively to individuals holding the positions of Mr and Hr.

To further reinforce the effectiveness of our warning system, we have implemented a feature whereby if a warned player either leaves the game or is not currently active, upon their return, the warning will persist until they acknowledge their understanding by clicking the designated “I understand” button. Additionally, to mitigate any potential instances of ban evasion, should a banned player attempt to rejoin the game without acknowledging their understanding, they will be promptly kicked after a specified period of time. This proactive measure effectively deters any attempts to bypass the ban using exploitative techniques to manipulate the graphical user interface.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.


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Also, I’d appreciate if I have a feedback! :slight_smile:

Isn’t this butterfly?

I’m not sure for what are you talking about but this panel was made by me.

The colours seem a bit old and the UI looks not as sleek as it could be.


Thank you, I’ll try to make it better!

This is just the BlueBerry system by Session 42 Studios.

You have just edited the colours and changed the text to say your Cafe.

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You tried to sell me this panel for group ranks when this panel is free…

I think that might be breaking the License if they did.

Someone like @Noah could double-check that for me though.

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it looks cool but you taked a free ui. but the changes are cool. maybe change the font a bit