Streaming enable improvements - Isn't it huge?

Yesterday, Roblox announced improvements regarding the Streaming Enabled option, which will greatly help all of us, developers, who need to make larger maps but without making users load all of it and crash/lag.

My use case

You can now choose different modes that could be very useful to make your game even more optimized than the default option. In my very own case, it now allows me to use StreamingEnabled with CheckMeIn 4.0 (Impossible before) on a huge map by setting it to Persistent, which always stream the model. While before I wasn’t sure low-end devices would be able to join, this change radically the situation.

What do you think of it? Do you think it will have an impact for larger games such as Jailbreak and what are you planning to do with this in your game?


Thanks for sharing this with us. I know games like ER:LC will benefit greatly of this. This is fantastic and well needed, I know services like StreamX used to provide this, but you would have to pay.

Now with Roblox providing it you can utilise the feature for free.