Suggestion - Discord

Hey Cookie Tech!
I think that we should have a suggestion category here on the forums, or in the discord. Since we don’t have one, I’ll add my suggestion here: We should have a video ping role for when new videos are uploaded. Thanks!


This would be very usefull.

Adding on, we should add reaction roles, avoid pinging everyone for small things.


Now that I’m not alone in my opinion, do you think we could see these in the future @cookie?

Yeah, we could have a “+” icon beside the like symbol of each message, where you can add reactions.

However, maybe we should also have some rules in place for that.

Let’s say someone uses the “letter(s) emoji”, which looks like this, for example. (:a:)

Now, let’s say some people decide to abuse this emoji and create inappropriate or insulting words. We cannot simply “flag” emojis and certainly we shouldn’t be flagging the message where the reactions were added, because that original message belonged to another person who didn’t add in the inappropriate emoji-text in the first place.

So, in simple terms, this would require an active and very responsible moderation team to take care of all this. After all, the Cookie Forums is a public site, and we don’t want anyone to look at some inappropriate reactions and judge this site based on that.

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I think :a:, :b:, :ab: and :o2: are the only letter emojis and I don’t see anything that can be made inappropriately with these.