Suggestion for cookieTech

Lower the 20 characters to 10+ so we don’t have to keep putting (20 charsss)

@Noah (20charrrrsssssssssssrrssss)

Maybe, in dms or certain times the limit is decreased, it’s to stop the databases from being flooded with little pieces of data and then building up super bad.

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Try give some more reasons while we should do it.

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Maybe you could bring it down to 10 minutes?

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characters* not minutes

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YESSS PLZZZ (20 charrr)

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Why caps though—————-

This should be removed because people have to do in brackets (20 chars gedgekdfkg)

Normally if somebody has something useful to say it will require 20 chars+ - In most scenarios liking a post can be a substitute for responding. Normally if something is below 20 chars it’s not worth saying.

It does say over here that if you want to agree on something,
Instead of using
Yes <20 chars> use the Like image button

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I don’t believe it is worth removing the character limit. If you wanted to reply a short response, why not simply like the post, etc?

If this was removed a long time ago, the Cookie Forums would have several unneccesary (and unprofessional) posts, such as a simple “Ok,” additionally this would make the Cookie Forums look a lot more unprofessional and cluttered with futile, short replies below the character limit.