Summer Activity Competition - 2022 - Point roundup 3

Hiya everyone, third day, yipee!

Time to get to it, today quite a lot happened & tomorrow we know things are going to be active, remember to enjoy some outdoor time though, drink water, also taking a walk is an excellent way to get your thoughts together! :star_struck:

Remember a lot can change, even though it’s the second day.

Username Points Position
peterwxshere 61 1
OH20_rblX 56 2
Delish_Bakery 22.5 3
Cam 8.5 4
Luke 7.5 5
HayHay 6 6
hogo_54 5.5 7
NeonNathon 4 8
25swrld 1.5 9

Thanks to everyone who is currently competing, follow the main post for more help!


@peter & @OH20_rbLX seriously battling for that #1 spot.


Wonderful job to everyone! Although it may appear that the gap between me and everyone else close to 2nd place is large, don’t give up yet! Trying is what matters most.


do u get 1 point each topic made


Please read the main topic for all the info. Summer Activity Competition - 2022 - R$2500 Robux Prize


so i got 4 points :smiley: i made 2 new topics

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woo! i think i have 6 points, keep going everyone!


We are, haha! Best of luck to everyone though! :heart:

Not bad! With enough appropriote topics and replies, you can perhaps go higher in the ranks by a few places!

ok! thanks for the recommendations

WOAH!! I have so many points

Good job, keep it up.

i have 25 points :smiley:

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Im already in third place

27 points* now 28. yay!!!

@Deleted_User13 let’s just remember not to message our current points here, it clutters up the topic. You don’t need to post your point status here because it will give your opponents the advantage as well.

Additionally, the point roundup 4 didn’t come out yet so positions are likely to change.

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