Summer Activity Competition - 2022 - Point roundup 5

Hiya everyone, fifth day, we’re over half-way!

Let’s begin, quite a lot has changed, today has been a big day, let’s get right to it.

Remember a lot can change, even though it’s the fifth day, you only have 48 hours remaining! :slight_smile:

We’ve breached the 100 points, nice one! :star2:

Username Points Position
OH20_rblX 108.5 1
peterwxshere 93 2
andrew 59 3
Delish_Bakery 46.5 4
Cam 18 5
25swrld 13.5 6
Luke 11.5 7
chrisrankingservices 11.5 7
HayHay 9.5 8
hogo_54 5.5 9
B00PUP 5 10
NeonNathon 4 11
Delighted_Snowman 2.5 12

Thanks to everyone who is currently competing, follow the main post for more help!


Wow! Can’t believe 100+ points has been hit since point roundup 4 …

Congrats to everyone participating so far!

Okay, good game to everyone, especially @OH20_rbLX who gained over 100 points in 5 days. @OH20_rbLX, our battle is not over, haha :wink:


HOLY, I did not know OH got that many points!

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Yep, I’m aware of that … :wink:

I’ve been using a few strategies here and there, also with enough appropriate posting (by replying and creating topics) there is a chance you could increase your ranking.

I’ve seen a lot of improvement from you!

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