Sweet Airlines - Role Info

Economy Class - Has permissions to Economy features.

Premium Economy - Has permissions to premium economy.

Business Class - Has permission to business economy.

First class - Has permissions to first class features.

Veteran - Retired SHR

SA Investor - First class permissions and private flights.

Trainee - Training to join the the staff team.

Allied Representative - Chosen representative from an allied group.

*Flight Attendant - Can do check-in at the beginning at the flight & then can do cabin-crew jobs onboard flight.

Ground Crew - Hass access to to ground vehicles.

First Officer - First officer can control aircraft systems.

Captain - Captain has controls over the aircraft.

Purser - Head flight attendant.

Senior Captain - 20 flights required to become senior captain.

Supervisor - Can supervise flight can also backup flight host.

Flight Host - Manages / can host flights.

Management Team - Can manage airport.

Vice President - Is vice-president of group.

Senior vice-pesident - Has lots of experience at being president of group and must be promoted by president+

President - Cookie_DevX

Chairman CompetelyPanini

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