Talent Hub vs HiddenDevs | Comparision

Hey everyone!

In this post, I wil be going over the main differences between the Talent Hub and the Discord server HiddenDevs.

As you know, HiddenDevs is a Discord server where a lot of Roblox developers could sell their products to everyone. The Roblox Talent Hub is a platform created by Roblox that is basically the same concept.

There are a few pros and cons for both of these.


  • Very easy to become hired/find someone to hire. (pro)
  • Channels are neatly organized. (pro)
  • The chances of getting scammed are high. (con)
  • Trust is kind of loose on HiddenDevs. (con)

Talent Hub:

  • People are much less likely to scam you. (pro)
  • If someone scams you, Roblox will take action. (pro)
  • Filters are very easy to use (pro)
  • Interface is really difficult to navigate through. (con)

Hopefully this helped you in some way! :heart:


As we can see, this is the interface for the Roblox Talent Hub. I think it would be better if they made it more accessible for users and if it was easier to find a job.