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Introducing Techable V1, the future of roleplay-group technology.

:wave: Hello, everyone! Today I will be launching my new project - techable. Our mission is to provide our community with the best products that beat our competitors’ products by miles. Oh - and did I mention? It’s all FREE.

Our Current Products

:question: Currently, we are working on many products for you to enjoy. Our main focus is making them the best they can be - so check back later!

Current Focus: MenuView V1

:hammer_and_wrench: As of now, we are working on our first product - MenuView V1. Please take a look at the dropdown for more information.


:computer: This system is meant to be used to make it easier for your customers to view your menus. Perhaps there to high, or too small? This is where MenuView V1 comes into play! Simply click a button, and be transported right up to the menus!

(everything is in development, nothing is final)

:hammer_and_wrench: We are working on:

  • Animating your camera to its position.
  • Cleaner UI
  • Much more.

If you have any questions, or would like to contribute please reply with your suggestions!

This sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see more of this.

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Thank you, i’ll be sure to keep you all updated on what we are doing!

Would you use our MenuView V1?
  • Yes, it looks amazing!
  • Hmm, I don’t think so.
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With menuview, why dont you animate the camera so it glides instead of teleporting around.

Check above, as said in the post. ^^

We are working on that, just having some teething issues whilst linking it to the top-bar system. If you know how to help, please DM me.

i clearly cant read lol

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