Teleport GUI for trainings or something related things

Something like this but rank locked.

This picture is from McDonalds Roleplay or something what it now has been named.

I’m a bit confused what do you want to achieve?

These are buttons that teleport you to what you pressed on

Do you mean a GUI only visible for staff about a certain rank number that teleport the person the clicked it to a certain spot?

Yes, that is what I need butt I’m bad at guis+ scripting

You can try commissioning someone highly doubt they would just give it out for free here.

Do you know someone who I could ask?

You could commission me to do the UI.

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Or @OH20_rbLX, they’re really good at UI.

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How much would you charge for the commish?

Not too much, it’s pretty basic. I don’t script, but the UI, I’d probably charge around 100 - 200.

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ill work for free :3

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