TextChatService is now the default for new experiences


Watch out!

Remember this? It’s now the default for all new Roblox places.

This means that legacy chat will no longer be maintained

According to Roblox:

What’s next?

  • We will be addressing developer needs for their experiences to migrate to TextChatService. Top examples include granular bubble chat customization and TextChannel UI support.

  • As we are no longer maintaining it, we will mark the legacy chat service and its APIs as deprecated.

    • You can still use legacy chat in your experiences, but it will no longer be actively maintained.

    • We will not require TextChatService for new experiences until a majority of developer needs are addressed.

What does this mean for us?

Luckily, not too much, however, it could mean that a few chat commands could be broken in the future.

Functionality Legacy Chat In-Experience Text Chat Differences
Send a chat message Players:Chat() TextChannel:SendAsync() The TextChatService:SendChat() method supports more advanced chat features such as rich text formatting and message priority. It also includes built-in filtering to help prevent inappropriate messages from being sent.
Send a system message Chat:SystemMessage() TextChatService:SystemMessage()
Implement messaging callbacks Chat:InvokeChatCallback(), Chat:RegisterChatCallback() TextChatService:SendingMessage(), TextChatService.OnIncomingMessage() The legacy chat system binds a function to chat system events for delivering messages. The two methods of the in-experience text chat system have more flexibilities and customization options.
Add custom chat commands ChatService/ChatCommand module TextChatCommand The in-experience text chat system has a dedicated class representing a text command for customization rather than using a legacy chat module.
Disable chat Game Settings in Studio and ChatWindow/ChatSettings module for hiding the chat window ChatWindowConfiguration.Enabled

As you can see a lot of yields have changed, meaning as developers we need to be prepared to make updates.


I hope this chat does bring us a lot of important things in the future. This is important for people like @RealOH20 who are working on Admino who rely on the chat for commands.

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