That time I hit 11k ping

Yup, pretty casual.

(There is so much scribble to take out peoples names)


Oh dear lord. That must have not been fun

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I’ve hear that this happens in roblox games, I’ve heard of people that have got 5k ping while playing so and so game for utterly no reason.

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Ouch. I have never hit 11k ping before, I am usually maxed out at 75 ping.

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11k ping is a lot, I never reached that … pretty sure my highest ping was around 90.

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I never check my ping lol, but what lol?! 11k lol

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I’m almost certain it’s a bug, 11k ping is practically impossible, at that point your internet is almost dead.

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Roblox tends to maximize the ping level on the platform, in games and within studio. I have no issues with my ping due to me not often player Roblox games, but I need to start playing them more!

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What do you mean by this?

Roblox maximizes the ping within every game/every device. So, the quality of your device is how high your ping will be.

I currently use my iPad Air 2022 to play Roblox as I don’t play it that often, and if I do, I’m sat on my sofa in my room. So with this, my ping tends to go to 65-75 per every game, even if this game has LOADS of assets like the realistic forest on the platform.

Let’s say you are using a laptop from2013( being realistic), your ping will be high, we are looking at 130-140, this is because of the device’s specs and graphics card.

To my knowledge you can’t have ping in roblox studio unless your on Team Create or uploading a game.

Ping is how long it takes for data from your computer to go to the server.

I doubt this too, roblox would rather have lower ping, ping can be annoying for players, unfortunately there is no maximum ping either, ping below 20ms is very good, 50ms - 100ms is average and 150+ is a bad ping. Ping is almost all the way down to network speed.

You can see here I do a test on my phone which is hardly as powerful as my computer & not capable of running roblox (I have an old phone): test

You can see, I have a low ping.

Specs don’t effect ping usually.

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Yes, it won’t show by default, however there is an option to show the FPS and ping.

I mean like my ping went so high that everyone froze

My ping currently:

I get little to no lag while playing Roblox.

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I’m originally at around 150 ping

Did your game crash earlier?

No, I think I was using hotspot.

How can people play roblox while being on hotspot, that’s weird :thinking:

Certainly is, maybe it’s possible but you get a very slow connection … ?

Worth a try, I can play Roblox in the car while with no internet and I don’t have any lag.