The end of scripting for Roblox developers!?

Could this be the beginning of the end of scripting!?

Greetings Cookie Tech Community,

So, as many of you all may know AI is taking over! :robot: .

And I don’t mean that in the literal sense but rather in another sense.

As you all may know this year we’ve seen huge advancements with AI. We saw Discord bots that could paint anything you said, we saw chatbots that could have human interactions and we saw developments/advancements of Robots that can do things like talk, interact with you and clean your house (Roomba is an example of AI being used in a household product).

But wait, what is AI? AI stands for Artificial intelligence.

A definition by TechTarget suggests that Artificial intelligence is best defined as: “the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems”

While there is no easy/simple way to explain AI it can best be defined as a Robot (digital or real) that can perform tasks on its own by training itself.

Some examples are:

  • self-driving cars
  • robots working in factories (car factories etc)
  • Self-house cleaning robots (ex. Roomba)
  • Marketing chatbots (chatbots that might interact with you through the live chat to help you find an answer for example)

And many more

So, what does this have anything to do with Roblox or even scripting for that matter?

Well, not too long ago a company called openAI developed their own chatbot called chatGPT

This is what their interface looks like:

ChatGPT is an AI that can answer questions, write essays and even script!?!

That’s right! All you have to do is type what you want scripted and it will script it!

Here are some examples:

Prompt (What I told the bot): “write a script for Roblox studio that changes the color of a baseplate”

The bot responded by giving me 2 working scripts! While the video file is too large to upload here you can find it here on the Cookie Tech Discord server.

This is just amazing to see. Even though it was just a simple script, I didn’t have to write anything. This makes me wonder what the possibilities for the future are.

But this also intrigues me:

If developers were to start using this to make high quality games faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Could this change our taste in games and our opinions on what is and isn’t a good game.

You see, back in 2010 simple brickbattle games we’re considered fun and popular among players but over the years games have grown more advanced. We see that with games like Jailbreak, Bedwars, Adopt me and so many more. The limits are constantly being pushed which means if developers start using this AI to replicate functionalities of games we consider fun & advanced will the taste of not only us but the Roblox community move forward and hold games to an arguably higher standard?

Alot of this really went over my head but it was really cool to try out. If you want to try it for yourself check it out here:

Take a look at openAI here:

And don’t forget to let me know of your opinions down below.

Thanks for reading!


i mean good point, but i dont think AI would really ruin development and stuff at roblox

This probably won’t have an effect, AI isn’t very reliable at this point. I’ve seen text AIs that can’t construct anything that makes sense.
Plus, this bot likely cannot make more advanced scripts, ex. item trading system.

A trading system is made up of multiple scripts which I think the AI may be able to similarly replicate as it gets more advanced, Remember, the AI is self training which means it can teach itself more aslong as it’s alive.

I am currently trying to test the limits. So far the bot has been successfully able to make a Kill command, kill part, Color changing baseplate and a chat command that allows the user to fly. Which is the basis for admin commands

This seems really cool, although I still doubt it’s ability to create much more advanced systems.

Yes, but by advanced you must mean a higher level advanced because it was able to outline the steps for a fully functioning trading system

Now all I would need to do is create a basic GUI and define the scripts to the AI who could then write me back the actual scripts

Woah… this is insane. But, is it really writing the scripts? It could just be ripping them from YouTube, Free-models or Scripting Tutorials.

I’m sure the AI is getting information off the web but I feel like it’s doing alot of the work itself. I’m sure at some point and time there was information taken from google but whenever I run it through a plagiarism checker I can’t find anything. I dunno, maybe you can but nothing seems plagiarized so far.

Then that’s double cool. The fact that it’s writing itself is pretty cool. When you visit ChatGCP it says it’s their newest project, meaning it fully knew how to script in days. I’ve been at this what, 5 - 6 years and still don’t know how to script fully. Props to OpenAI.”

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its also so concerning that a computer is smarter than everyone :sob:

That’s not actually the case. ChatGCP still isn’t that advanced. Some youtubers have tried it and faced minor errors that they would have been able to fix themselves. But other than those minor errors, yeah. It’s pretty smart.

Wow, that’s amazing. It’s not the most advanced description, however it’s still pretty good. Have you received any bad advice from the AI yet?

No, not yet. I dont think it gives bad advice lol.

I’ve actually been with OpenAI for around a year and have access to everything from Codex to DallE to GTP & I’ve seen the AI fix things from my Scripts to help me create things. But we need to remember that the AI only has data from the internet.

Chat GTP runs on GTP3 and is definitely a very powerful tool, I would recommend it as it’s a very powerful learning tool especially if your a student as it can solve difficult maths questions and explain then.

How much of the Internet is GPT-3 trained on?

GPT-3 is a very large language model (the largest till date) with about 175B parameters. It is trained on about 45TB of text data from different datasets

AI is complex and it’s difficult to understand but GTP won’t end development, not for a good 40 years at least.

It doesn’t perfectly understand how code works, with small changes it can make major mistakes.

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This is really interesting … Roblox scripting is still a large chunk of development on the platform, to see that AI can actually take over is cool, yet it can be a disaster to commissions or new learners of scripting.

So it turns out ChatGPT extends further than Roblox or scripting for that matter. Professors, doctors, engineers, students and people like you and me are using it for almost everything. With that I have a question. Have you used ChatGPT for any projects? essays? videos? scripting?

  • Yes I have used ChatGPT to assist me with a project
  • I have used ChatGPT for fun but not for a full project yet
  • I have not used ChatGPT but I intend to
  • I don’t really care about ChatGPT

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