The Eras' Tour has broken the internet

:wave: Hey Cookie Tech!

As you may have known, Taylor Swift is going on tour, and the pre-sale was today.

Millions of users registered for pre-sale, however only a couple hundred thousand were actually picked. Users who were picked had to wait forever to actually get seats (with some people having 2,000+ users ahead of them).

However, TicketMasters servers were not able to handle this, and they began going down. They even had to update the sale times…
image (image - @theswiftsociety)

So, Cookie Tech, what are your thoughts on this?

(image: @mplevz)


Ouch, that is an insane queue, you can’t blame for having to handle this, it must be so stressful trying to get this system back online and running, but this makes me concerned, if you’re getting a ticket, you’re going to be extremely lucky.

This queue is insanely long … if there were no seats left when it was their turn to pick seats that would be a dissapointment, especially when there are 2000+ people ahead of you and these seats would likely be filled.

Things like this always happen, the queue will become massive.
This will happen, especially for Taylor Swift because I do think this was the year for her come-back, I’m not too sure about this, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m expecting this to happen to many more artists like Taylor for when they go on tour, as it’s always something big to see an artist this big on tour and singing live right in-front of you.