The Roblox Group | A Lecture by Sam-Happyshot10

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Hello and welcome to the show! Today I am giving a lecture on how to grow your Roblox games! Before we start we have a quick ad. Visit for more info. My lecture will begin now.

Chapter One. Creating your group.

Ok. So, when creating your group, it is important to always pick a good photo AND name. Make sure that your name really engages other people. I would suggest going to friends to ask them if the name engages them, as well as for suggestions. The next step is to officially decide what type of game to make. There are Supermarket Games, Hotel Games, Restaurant Games, and a lot more types of games. Now that you have done that, it is time for our next chapter.

Chapter 2. Getting started on your game.

So now that you have the group, you need to get started on your game. The first step would be to hire developers. To find developers, you could make a post on the talent hub OR you can reach out to a friend. Now, remember, almost all devs are going to want payment. I would suggest if you are poor, you offer them some of your game earnings.

Chapter 3. Advertising your group.

So now you have a group and a game. What else do you need?? Oh, Yeah. Members. For members, I would suggest posting on other group walls, reaching out to friends, and asking them to tell their friends. By doing this, you will have members in no time. But, What happens when your game gets big enough that advertising is an embarrassment? Well, this is when you need to up your game. Maybe release a V2, and advertise that.

Chapter 4. My group is big. What else do I need?

Well, at this point I would suggest making a community forum. You could get lots of members in no time flat, and possibly even more by doing this. It is pretty easy to do. Just go to and get started…


I hope you enjoyed this lecture. This lecture was written by Sam.

I wouldn’t recommend a community forum for your group, I do recommend a discord server though, imagine a community forum as a place where you have open conversations a massive dinner table, most groups don’t need that or will not have enough members to make that work.