The Simpsons made a roblox episode - whaaaat!?

For those who don’t know, the Simpsons made an episode about Roblox scams:

In this episode they made a fake version of Roblox called “Boblox”

This is really funny, a lot of people thought this was just a coincidence as the animals and characters do look a lot like lego, but for them to call it boblox, is a clear indication it was meant to be a skit.

Inside this episode it seems that one of the Simpsons “Bart” is illegally selling Roblox Scams:

Eventually they get a whole team running on the scam & then they make a ton of… “bobux”, this is really funny so I thought I ought to just share it with you, what are your opinions on this?


I hope that the Simpsons don’t get sued for this, although the Simpsons have done many other things like this. It’s pretty cool though!

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This is pretty funny. Crazy that they did this but I mean that’s what Roblox is a lot of scams.

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