There is a new problem with the roblox verified badge

There Verified Badge has lasted for a long time on Roblox now.


Lot’s of different people have the verified badge, so it’s hard to tell who and how people get it. Right until now people have had it on the web interface and that’s it.

Impersonation has been a big issue on Roblox for an issue now but BloxyNews just gave us an update on this feature:

Many people who have the verified badge now claim that they are becoming even more targeted inside of games, I can understand why this could be painful to deal with as people can easily get stream sniped or people may start to attack you because of your status.

You can also see the verified chat symbol now in the roblox leaderboard and in chat, which may become a right pain.

A similar thing happened with the star code program. What are your opinions on this?


There’s nothing Roblox users with the verified badge can do to stop these attacks.

Unfortunately, as we know it, a lot of the Roblox player base is absolutely corrupt and all they do is spread discouragement and attack other players with a special status. It’s not only verified users, this goes for streamers and any Roblox developer, or player.

The only advice I can provide is … stand up for yourself. Fight the corrupt and toxic player base. They have no right to attack you by any means, status or no status.

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What they need to do is introduce streamer mode or something.

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