TikTok is in danger

It’s everywhere, people are talking about how TikTok might be banned in America, the entirety of the US is talking about TikTok being possibly banned in the US. But of course Roblox TikTok would be fully swept out if the US did go through with this.

If this did happen in a whole it would cause a lot of damage not only for the Roblox side of TikTok but for the entirety of TikTok, personally I don’t really like TikTok so I wouldn’t mind the ban (I’m also domiciled in the UK). But if TikTok was banned in the UK I wouldn’t really mind.

TiKTok is surprisingly roblox’s most followed social media, meaning if they go down they’re taking a lot down with them.

What are your opinions on TikTok and should it be banned?


I’ve heard about this. I remember when the Government of Canada banned TikTok on Government Employee’s devices, that was pretty big news, but the possibility of banning it, is even bigger. From what I’ve heard, they held a hearing, which did not go well.


However, I don’t use TikTok so I’m not really educated enough to have an opinion.