Tips For Blender 3.2.0

I’m starting to use Blender, and I’d like some tips on how to use it! Let me know some below!

Hmm, I’ve never really used blender 3.2.0, but I have some tips that should go universally!

  • You can always view your render without rendering it by changing the setting from “material” to “render”!

  • If you’re making a transparent render, render it with RGBA instead of using background removing software, it makes it a bit smoother.

  • Add additional lights if the default lights don’t cover it! You can change the
    colour, range and softness!

  • Watermark the GFX if you don’t want users to steal it, but don’t go overboard, a simple “B00PUP” in the corner with 0.5 transparency should do.

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