Tolv (formally hyum) ranking | Terms - Closed

Yes, some legal stuff now.

But these rules are required so we can remain open!

You are not required to donate, but it is appreciated!

Huff. We are not going to allow people to just open up and STEAL the products.

If you do steal, you will be blacklisted from our services.

I don’t think the law will get involved with these things - additionally, as seen in different topics, a majority of our users are under 18 and in countries where minors cannot be bound in a legal contract. Furthermore, a majority of our users cannot be legally affected by a contract. However, if a user uses your service to do things such as DDoSing or other illegal attacks, they might be arrested, however it is likely difficult to catch them.

Yeah, and additionally, I’m not sure it would result in prosecution even if you’re 18+, it may result in a lawsuit with your company, but depending on the severity, it’s not very likely you’ll be prosecuted.

This is just a threatening & that doesn’t really mean anything, out of interest are you 18 or over?

Whoa, whoa … you can’t get arrested for simply stealing a ranking service.

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** We are now changing them! **

Also… I can’t help but notice, there aren’t a lot of rules or enforcement here.
You’ve provided one simple rule & an action with it.

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If someone stole your products, there’s not a lot you can do. They have your product, if you blacklist them, they can still use the product.
The best protection is filing a DMCA if needed, although that’s not the best.

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Another question, as I’m curious.

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Very true, though I believe this goes for everything … unless there’s a script that will always be ready to deactivate the service if the user becomes blacklisted, the consumer can still use the product.

I am 15 years old.

Eeek, might want to close your buy me a coffee page:

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Oof since when??

that is just weird.

Perhaps you didn’t save or publish your website.

Since forever, something to do with banking. You should close your account, otherwise it might be closed and you wont get your money.

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Already closed.

We understand this rule.

I think this may be showing up because of this donate feature;

I am really unsure right now.