Tovy - Shutting Down Services

Hey there Cookie Tech :cookie:

Today, the owner of Tovy (WHOOOP) is shutting down tovy and selling it. View the full post below:

Please know there was a message below that got cut off, as well a thank-you message, but the thank-you message would have got me warned on the forums. :skull:

Of course, you will still be able to self-host it.

What should I do if I was impacted by this change?

There are a few things you could do, but the best one Iā€™d do is wait for @cookie to being out the RankGun Dashboard. As well, you could wait for Series or ReAdmin for their Dashboard to come out.

Let me know your thoughts down below :point_down:

Do you have their discord? :slight_smile:

Here you go!

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Next thing we know cookie buys Tovy lol.