Trailer Assistance

Aloha, once again! :wave:

@Boo, @HayHay and I are creating a restaurant.

I am wondering how I’d go about creating trailers?

Not a complex one, but one similar to this.

Would I go about using AE? Or Blender? Which version?

I would love some assistance with this is possible!


So you are going to need a paid app sadly, which is Adobe Premier Pro, which is about £19.99 per month. And you would need to record it in Roblox Studio.

You can probably any kind of editing app example: DaVinci Resolve

Many people use Adobe to this day for the higher quality of a trailer, but I guess you could use other softwares and hope for a good result with it.


I do have an adobe subscriptioj, so I could use that if that’s the best one?

Ye use Adobe Premier Pro

I recommend using the “Smooth Camera” plugin in Roblox Studio to allow smooth recording, or add in a freecam mode in your game for the ease of recording.

As for the text, I’m pretty sure a software like Clipchamp can give you some decent text/animation effects similar to that video.

I use Clipchamp as well, It’s fine.

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I use after effects.

However you can use blender. It looks like these guys used freecam SHIFT + P recorded with obs. I’m sure you could re-create these effects in olive editor (which is free) or something like that.

I personally use premier pro but remember, you can do almost everything inside of a free editor, just it will take you longer.

I have an adobe subscription, so I am able to access AE and Premier Pro, so I should use free cam?


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Adobe Premier Pro is just an editing platform, you can’t film with it.

You will need something like streamlabs OBS to record it, and then something in game for you to record the game like freecam.

I wouldn’t reccommend using freecam as you can get a very unstable hand. I would reccommend coding in cutscenes and then record it as the cutscenes run. Robots are perfect & will give a smooth result - especially with a tween!

You can modify the Freecam by copying the script from PlayerGui and then place into StarterGUI when done