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Greetings, would anyone know how to make a GUI that lets someone create a server, there would be a seperate gui which is called “Create Server”. In this section you can rename the server, press “Enable Join” and it would tp to a seperate place. In this place, there would be a button when they click it once it would let rank ids 25+ join. Once they click it again ranks 2+ in group 2487421 join. Once they click the other button underneathe the server would display “Locked” and the join button would disable. I have made the GUI for this and I have also tried to script it myself but no hope.

Hope you can help!

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I mean- @Peter could probably make the GUI.

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I’ve made something similar to this in the past, making different servers that people can join with specific codes they can enter to join servers. I don’t currently have it, but if I remember I can give you some tips to make your own or I could work out a deal for my existing system. I’ll look forward to helping you!

Hiya! I managed to figure it out but I am unsure how to do the following things:

  1. Duplicates the template gui and changes the thumbnail to the players avatar
  2. Makes the text to the Host’s Username.
  3. Give access to different ranks. e.g when they click trainers access players with a rank of 55 can join, others who are below that rank cannot join it would come up with a message saying “Error: you can not join yet!”. When they click trainee access, players with rank 1 or above can join.
  4. When they click the “STARTED” button on the actual training start place, it would have a lock icon on the Join Button and have a label that says: “Started”

Hope you can help.

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Hm. Why don’t you try sending a private message to @peter. I know that is a very experienced with UI.

Thanks for suggesting my UI Services! However, I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to do this as I am a very novice scripter, best of luck with your project, and thanks for recommending me!

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The top three of these seem very simple, I would recommend finding some tutorials on youtube that have related code. For the third one, that’s a bit tricky. I’d recommend using some kind of datastore, saving things. This could be especially useful when there are no servers to completely hold a table that is local to that server, which may not update throughout the entire game.

Yeah I tried scripting the first one but I kept getting errors, sorted the error then it only showed up for the player who created it.

Here is the script:

thanks for the script! i really wanted to make this!

Just a heads up to this, It didn’t work,

Yes because they are trying to get scripting support for the script not giving it away.

Right, Thanks for the information!

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