Twitter Is Rebranding!?

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I’ve recently noticed that the Cookie Forums has really washed out, so I’m here in attempt to revive it and make it lively again. Today, I’m here to inform everyone that one of the most well-known and widely-used platform is rebranding … and that is Twitter! However, this is not a happy rebranding, because this move could essentially spell the end for Twitter.

What!? Yeah, you’ve heard that right. As of today, July 24th 2023, Elon Musk has decided to rebrand the platform that he acquired for $44 billion last year, which we all know is Twitter. Now, this platform is no longer known as “Twitter” … it is now simply known as “X.” Yes, again, you heard that right 100%, and this is not a joke!

Now you might be wondering, what has changed? Well, remember that cute blue bird logo with the small wings and cute beak? And, remember those posts that were called “Tweets” and the simple and satsfying URL known as “”

Well, what if I told you that Elon Musk intends to ‘kill the bird’, one of the most iconic logos the world has ever know. And, what if I told you that the logo is being replaced with a simple, white “X.” And, what if I also told you that the name of the platform will simply be called, “X.” What if I further told you that “Tweets” are going to be called “Xs” soon? I’m not finished … and, what if I even further told you that the URL is changing to “” (Redirects to

Now, I’m sure most of you can agree on one thing; this is not looking good for Twitter as a platform at all. Can you guys count, on how many instances, the Twitter logo and the word “Twitter” have been used online and in the real-world? Think of how big of a deal this means for the entire world. And now, everyone is about to change because Elon Musk just wants to rebrand Twitter to his favorite alphabetic letter … “X

In conclusion, I firmly believe that this rebrand was totally unnecessary and is just purely driven by Elon Musk as he has the largest stake of Twitter. This will result in a lot of confusion, anger, and fill people with the question; why rebrand a famous platform? Where is the creativity in this rebrand? What has happened and why?

However, I’d also love to hear what everyone else has to say about this rebrand of Twitter — let me know below in the replies! :bird:


God, the domain must have cost a hell of a lot.


Yeah, most likely tons

He had it a while back, gave it to pay pal and got it back in 2017 I believe