Twitter Verification - A new checkmark

Real quick, I will describe the 3 checkmarks.

1. The original Checkmark

This is pretty much a verified user, and a user w/ twitter blue.

2. The yellow Checkmark

This account is an official business, notice that ROBLOX has this.

3. The grey Checkmark


This checkmark is given to government officials, this is to keep everybody safe from people pretending to be a government.


This was made quickly, but its good to see that its going to be easier to identify people!

this post will be updated.

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Feel free to share your opinions, its really good to see its easier to see who people really are.

I reckon this is Elon Musk just trying to clear up his mess, I don’t think this really plays much significance to somebody like me though.


Alright, but while I still don’t agree with Musk’s checkmark system, at least we can now distinguish accounts. If these new checkmark’s didn’t exist at all, however, Twitter would be nothing but chaos.

Still, this seems to be an act of “covering up” the confusions and debates around paying for a verification checkmark (blue / white).

Perhaps the yellow checkmark should be given to “not-so-big” business accounts, too, such as Cookie Tech … it’s been around for a while and it’s pretty well-established.

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I wonder if waits for these yellow ticks may be longer due to the profound amount of employees that were fired.

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The grey tick has been released.

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Honestly, this is a pathetic attempt to clean up an absolute mess. Elon Musk made twitter terrible, and this is not helping.