UGC Characters - UGC Characters (Layered Clothing)

Some more news, about UGC…

Some creators on UGC were making their own “bundles” that allows you to have a fully-fledged custom avatar in that style.

Some of them looked pretty good. Eventually a year later after UGC creators where doing this, they could start to upload UGC bundles, only on the condition it was uploaded to the “Roblox” account.

Something that UGC creators have been doing using layered clothing allows them to create some really cool bundles.


This brings me to the main question, when do things become “too” “non roblox like”:


Somebody made a bundle like this, that doesn’t even feel like roblox.

This is very strange, should UGC creators continue to be allowed to create these avatars that feel really “off”?

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I agree.

Although I do really like layered clothing and all, these bundles do not at all fit Roblox’s theme. Especially the second image, it reminds me of those realism “fantasy” video game characters.

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