UGC Limiteds - Strange buying and selling logic

One of the strangest things of UGC limiteds, is that you have to wait 30 days until you can spell your UGC item, there are many reasons for and against this, many related to scamming and what not, but surprisingly this isn’t even the biggest problem.

It also seems that you can still resell UGC limiteds that are still on sale for a fixed price, but here is the worst part of this entire update.

50% tax! That’s stupid, the the amount of robux lost is absolutely insane. You lose so much money from this, for normal limiteds I’m pretty sure Roblox would take 30% tax which is still bad, but not as bad.

I personally think this is super stupid and not a feasible way to make money, what are your opinions on this, I would love to hear you opinion!


No … please no … this is horrible

I was literally planning to sell of half my limited inventory sometime soon, and this just ruins everything. 50% tax, unbelievable amount of greed.

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