Ukraine Support Scam

Hey there Cookie Tech Community,

I just wanted to bring up the Ukraine Scam going around.

As you all know, there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Lots of people are supporting Ukraine as Russia is invading and mercilessly killing innocent people. And whenever people want to do good. There’s always something bad that comes around. Introducing the Ukraine Support Scammers.

These people may hack your friends ROBLOX accounts and send you a message that looks something like this:

Now I just want to make one thing clear: NEVER CLICK LINKS SENT TO YOU UNLESS YOU 100% KNOW THEY’RE LEGIT.
Please atleast LOOK at a link before clicking it. Generally, professional companies/freelancers/charities tend to have a professional website with a professional URL

Here is an example of a Discord scam link:
image (Please dont click on that link unless you want to get your account stolen. But if I blurred it out you wouldn’t know)
Do you think Discord would make a website with a url looking like that? I personally don’t.

The point of this topic is to make you aware of what’s going on in the community. (Not for you to start blocking your friends on Discord or Roblox cuz u think they might scam you)

Always use judgement, and if you don’t know. ASK. That is the most important thing.

Stay safe out there. & slava Ukraini


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Yea, I saw a video Sharkblox made about this a few days ago. It’s really horrible they’re using a real life situation for a scam on a gaming platform.

I agree with you, often people just click a link without thinking first.

Also people really want to help in this situation, also kids who might hear about the situation in the news might want to help buy “earning robux and helping ukraine”.

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I can’t believe people are using a serious thing to earn themselves money. It makes me wanna punch them in the face and curse at them.


Thanks for letting me know I am volunteering to help and also donations as much as I can

Yup, be careful it’s a despicable thing to use a crisis like this to get money.

People will do anything to get a bit of cash.


yea, its a sad truth

One of these got send to me I imidiatly replied with a “Do not use war situations as a way to scam people.”.


Yep, I’ve seen these bots around on twitter too.