Unable to make replies - Roblox Devforum!

Hey guys, I need help to post replies in Roblox Devforum - I can’t find the UI or the reply buttons to do so, perhaps this is a bug? I’m sure I have reach certain requirements of read time, topics reviewed and so so.

Mind sending you’re devfourm profile! Also if you haven’t already try refreshing or closing out your tabs!

I’m not sure if this is still a thing as I don’t reply on DevForum much anymore - but is your trust level high enough?

I believe you have to read quite a few posts, about 16h from what I’ve heard. Although, if you scroll slowly on topics, you can get it faster.

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This is exactly what it will be.

I’ll just tell you the requirements.

You need at least 4 hours of reading time to gain the “Member” trust-level and then you’ll be able to post and reply. The replies above me are somewhat true but it’s not 16h. :sweat:

When I first joined and signed in with Roblox on the DevForum, I already had the ability to Reply and Post. Most likely because I was already reading posts before I joined.