Updated Roblox Shorelines | Finally!

Hey everyone,

Recently, Roblox finally announced the roll-out of the new shorelines beta feature! If you develop games on Roblox Studio then you know just how horrible the old shorelines looked when you were trying to make that one perfect beach, or a pond … but the shorelines always ruined the scenery with their jagged renders.

But, no more! Water in Roblox is now smoothed out and the shorelines will no longer have jagged edges. This will make a huge difference for any game that has the water graphics in it.

Personally, I find this update overdue but at the same time, this is great and certainly is a large step to more realism and graphical improvements, in addition to the recent terrain materials overhaul.

Let me know what you all think below! :heart:

Official Announcement Post


Long overdue, we needed this for a while.

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