User following me in games

Hello. I have had a user by the name of ‘Pjm0nkey7ismine’ following me in games. Does anyone know why?

He also said contact MillerTele to stop it??? What???

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Have you got any recordings of it?

You could just block him or put your joins off.

@Noah no.

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@chrisrankingservices i dont got joins on…

So, here’s the thing. This seems a lot like a scam that was going on a few years ago. Here’s a video explaining it. However, MillerTell is a real account. It has one friend, someone who is wearing inappropriate clothing. So, it seems to be a bot account to me.

I would never suggest contacting this user, you don’t know what they could be operating.

I’m hoping this stops for you, as I know what it feels like.

If you don’t have a recording then we can’t tell much is happening, until you have evidence there is nothing we can say or do, next time it happens, record it.