User Interface | Feedback

So today is my first day of UI design, and I’m very impressed with myself with this, but I wanted your feedback so I know what I can improve on.

This UI is yet to be finished and scripted, but I might need some help with that but I’ll let you know.


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Overall quite modern, not bad for a first try :slight_smile:

Perhaps consider changing the font for a more modern look, other than that it does look very modern and neat.

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It’s currently private, when it’s closer to the end of production, I’ll allow testing on it. :slight_smile:

I like it, however, I don’t like the color scheme, maybe try having white text?

That’s a good idea, thank you!

So while I’ve been working on another piece of UI, I have managed make the UI close with a little effect to it.
What are your opinions?

Is it going off screen cantered?

It looks like when it goes off the screen it goes slightly to the top right.

Wouldn’t be a bad plan checking that out.