Using Cookieteach promote command got me banned

I got false banned for using “cookietech” promote command. entirelly it is not his fault, i was just testing it heres proof.:

@Noah please fix you’re promote command. >:

@Noah | fix THIS asap!!!
@jltred | Btw i got banned for a day. >:

I’d use the actual product not a test version.

Maybe I’m just crazy, but what’s so wrong using the test version?

i was just testing the command if it will work.

Why are you pinging Cookie? There’s literally nothing he can do about this.

I doubt this is related to me, you likely have a free model virus or they made a mistake: simply appeal it.

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I didnt use a free model. i use the old ‘free model’ which is you’res that u posted a long time ago.