Using forums on mobile doesn't switch views

Hey Cookie Tech!

When visiting this website,, I realized visiting the site on mobile devices won’t automatically switch to the mobile view (see images below).

Screenshot 2022-03-28 6.45.42 PM

Now, this is how the site looks like by default on PC/Desktop;

However, when I visit the site on my iPad (mobile device), the site uses the desktop site view by default.

How it’s suppose to look like;

I’m unsure if this is just something on my browser settings or an issue with the forums itself, hopefully an answer can be found soon!


Alright, so basically we don’t go “by device”, this is for security reasons and such.

We rather go by screen size, since we consider an Ipad to be a big enough screen we keep it on desktop view. On phones that have smaller screens we will automatically switch to mobile view.

If you prefer mobile view on your Ipad you can always configure it yourself:

Screenshot 2022-03-28 6.45.42 PM

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With me, it does auto switch to mobile view?

I don’t use the web on phone. I downloaded forums as an app and it works amazing good.

Yea, cookie explained that it switches based on screen size. Since you’re on an iPhone, which has a small screen size, it shifted to mobile view.

Ah, as you are on iPad (correct me if I am wrong) it will auto give you desktop mode due to the size of the display! The only thing that changed when you are in mobile view is where the side bar is!

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In addition to that the buttons may get a bit bigger & everything is made a bit more thumb :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: friendly.

We love thumb friendly devices!
On iPad you can choose what way you have it, I stick the desktop mode unless I’m on my phone!

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True. I actually like a lot the forum in mobile, it’s really smooth.

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