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Venture by shopSmart

Venture is an admin panel made by me and @cypherpheonix. We have been working hard the past few weeks so we can finally bring you (after 1 year)…


Why us over Commander?

Commander doesn’t receive updates, and has a hard to understand configuration and plugin format.

This post will be updated with more information soon.

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Why you over admino (currently worked on by @RealOH20), (sorry i’ve been so inactive :sob:)?
Currently his UI looks fabulous. The only real benefit that you’ve pointed out was how it is preferential over commander because it doesn’t receive updates, but do you have any UI to show us? Anything to help sell your product?

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im back.

(also yes, it is based off commanders ui)

Ok, so you’ve come back with a UI, but this doesn’t really tell us anything about Venture … what can a topbar, text label, and close button possibly give us any clue what your panel offers?

I’d recommend showing us an actual completed interface, otherwise we won’t know why Venture is special over all the other panels out there. Anybody can make this interface in minutes.

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