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As the launch of V.1 lurks closer each day, we urge you to apply to be a staff member!

Greetings, Cookie Tech Forums!

My name is @anon19601793, the Chairman of Venuste; a new up-and-coming juice bar within the ROBLOx community. As the launch of our V.1 relaunch lurks closer each day; we are looking for new staff members.

Yesterday, our application centre was released! The current application is for the ‘trainee’ role. However within the next few weeks we will be opening MR & HR applications.

If you would like to be a Juicer with us, or apply for MR & HR in the future you must follow these steps:

  1. Join the group.

  2. Apply for the position of ‘trainee’ at our application centre.

  3. You should get ranked as soon as you get kicked; if it display and error then please contact me.

Please note we are only accepting MR & HR applications from people that have completed the trainee application.

Then, you can stay you career with us here at Venuste. If you have any question about the group, or the application process please reply to this post.

Also, a lil’ teaser for you all… :eyes:


Do you see yourself attending the opening?
  • Hmm, yes.
  • Hmm, probably not but Mabey!
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