VineS | Discord Bot


Hi! I have developed a Discord Bot called VineS
I have added many commands.
Economy Commands

/addmoney :: add money for a user
/balance :: Shows your balance.
/bankpro :: show your profile
/daily :: get daily money
/deposit :: deposit to your bank
/leaderboard :: who the rich ?
/removemoney :: remove money from a user
/setbio :: set bio for your bank profile
/transfer :: transfer money for a user
/weekly :: get weekly money
/withdraw :: withdraw to your balance

General Commands

/afk :: Put User in AFK
/avatar :: Get user avatar
/banner :: Get user banner
/channel-info :: Show info about channel in this server
/channels :: Shows specific type of channels in this server.
/help :: Shows help command
/members :: show members count
/profile :: Shows Yours or someone Profile card.
/server :: Get info about server
/user :: Shows information, join date, about yourself or a user.

Moderation Commands

/ban :: Ban a user from the server.
/clear :: clear message
/hide :: hide the channels
/kick :: kick a user from the server.
/lock :: locks the current or selected text channels
/mute :: muting member from sending messages
. /role :: Give / Remove role to/from a user
/roleinfo :: show role inforamtion
/show :: show the channels
/slow_mode :: Add slow_mode to a channel
/slow_mode_remove :: Remove slow_mode from the channel
/timeout :: Timeout user from typing or joining voice channel or react to messages
/unban :: Unban user from this server
/unlock :: unLocks the current or selected text channels /unmute :: muting member from sending messages
. /untimeout :: Remove timeout from user.


Uptime is ok, it goes down sometimes, goes right back up.

Developed and owned by @andrew andrew’#0001

I wouldn’t say this is “custom” made, seems open source.


No, it’s mine. Somebody hacked my pc and they got access to it, then they made that.

What a great story man, holy smokes, it’s totally not a lie!

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It’s hosted on AWS and Github for the Code, how would they get on your PC.


Man removed the COMMAND. If you made it, you’d know how to remove it.


I removed the command for now I’m working on the command, and fixing it.

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I got more poof you didn’t make it, how the heck would you make EVERY File in under a HOUR?


I was copying it from my visual studio code.

I can confirm this! I was playing games with him when he kept pausing- and discord said “PLAYING Visual Studio”

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Those people also hacked Andrews github account.

He could be doing something else :skull:


Bro this isn’t your project. Just admit it. You could have at least credited the original people who made it and then this wouldn’t be a problem at all.


Look andrew. All proof points towards you lying and not giving credit. Do you have any proof to back you up at all?