Warning.. For nothing?

Look at this image.

Notice there is no moderator note… this was on my main account, should I be worried?

Go to their support website and ask there.

This is happening a lot. Check out kreekcraft’s video “MY ACCOUNT GOT BANNED”. There are these new games that look legit, but you actually get banned for playing them. How it works is the game makes you spam racial and other rude words in the chat, and roblox thinks it is you. They hide the chat so you don’t see it. Check out the video for more of a detailed explanation.

lets see my recently played.

Odd… I have no clue then.

i watched the kreekcrafy vid

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no termination

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Game could have been banned therefore it doesn’t show? :person_shrugging:


it would prob show up as content deleted


On the app it doesn’t tell you why you’ve been warned, check it out on the website.

i already clicked re activate

You can reach out to customer support, they’re normally pretty good at reading things from their admin panel. :person_shrugging:

Ik this is ancient, but thats untrue.