Web/Bot Developer Portfolio

Hello people of Cookie Tech!

Who am I?
I am a Website and Discord bot developer based out of Nevada, USA.

I’m have been working with Discord Bots for 5 years and Websites for 3 years.

My experience
I have much experience and I am always looking for more work!

For Discord bots I work with:

NodeJS (Discord.js)
Python (Discord.py)
Most APIs and im willing to learn more!

For websites I work with:

MERN Stack
NodeJS (backend)
EJS (front end)
Python (Django)

You can view my personal website, forms, and projects on my website here and my store here

My pricing is very cheap on both websites and discord bot.


Starting at $5/USD
An additional $8/USD for source code
Hosting starts at $5/USD a month


Starting at $10 USD
An additional $9/USD for source code
Web Domain and Hosting $15/USD a month
1 free custom email $3/USD per additional custom email (Example: me@thejoe.page)

Please note that year plans are available at up to 10% discount.

Contact me

You can contact me on my website, my email (me@thejoe.page), on this forum or on my Phone # at (775) 364-9002 (please text).

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That doesn’t make much sense to pay you $15 a month. Cloudflare offers domains for $10 a year with anti-ddos protection included.

Along with that, Cloudflare also allows free custom emails. It’s a no brainer to just use Cloudflare. It offers more and is much cheaper than “your services” :smile:

I also couldn’t help to notice that your site is down! That goes to show your “hosting” really isn’t that great.

Thank you for all of the feedback I will go ahead and change a few things on it!

@TheJoePage i need a bot made for me dm me on discord at Gamer_boss1204