Welcome to Bloxburg is free!

After 10 years, welcome to bloxburg is now finally free, let’s see if Roblox will make it without going down!

As of being free for 8 minutes “Welcome to Bloxburg” has gained 183k players.

The game has just surpassed 300k concurrent users.

Looks like it’s peaking at 320k!

they kept it paid for a loooooooooong time to extract AS much money as they can, which imo was pretty smart

I would have expected more.

(also noah, one of my replys got flagged and idk why, it says advertisements but all i said was “god thats alot”

Same, but then again, I don’t believe a lot of people knew about this until YouTubers started to cover it … in fact I didn’t know myself until I saw this topic, lol.

Our staff team can look into it, please let us know via DMs!