We're coming back!

Welcome! :star:

For a while, this forum has been sitting in the dumps & that’s why we’ve decided we’re going to try and completely restore our forums to be as active and as practical as possible.

The plan :notebook:

  • We hope to create more complicated and thoughtful posts. :thinking:
  • Introduce a zero-tolerance rule to spam & vandalism. :paintbrush:
  • Introduce more help to scripting support. :question:

Rebranding :art:

You may have also noticed we have completely rebranded the forums, now it should be much cleaner and the logo should finally be more visible! We’ve also changed our font and theme to match our new modern aesthetic!

Outro :wave:

I hope you’re happy with the changes we’ve introduced to the forums and you plan to join us on the journey, remember: discussion requires multiple participants and we hope you can join us on this epic journey.

Thanks for everything,
@Noah :cookie:

What would you rate the new branding?
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I’m absolutely impressed with the new branding! The sleek and modern look is fantastic. Kudos to Noah & team! :raised_hands: :heart:

By the way, could you please let me know the font used around the website? I absolutely love it!

It’s Aftika, made by fontspring, I think.

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