What admin should use for my roblox game?

If you’re planning to use HD Admin, remember that the audio is broken due to the audio privacy change, so it’s not really worth using it. Plus, HD Admin isn’t maintained a lot, which explains its lack of security. Tubers93, who is a Roblox hacker, was also able to exploit HD Admin sometime back.

You can go inside the HD admin settings module and scroll down; there should be a rank to show icon, set it to 5 (owner) and nobody else can see it.

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We have to keep in mind that Tubers93 is very experienced in what he does, he managed to hack an entire game, I think he knows what he is doing.

Yes, I believe it’s the same case with DirectorVivan, but Tubers93 made some really bad exploits.

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In fact, some people were trolling as Tubers93 as Kreek did make a video on this.

If you meant in the live stream chat, I wouldn’t really see why Kreek would care to check it … ?

I think kreek made a video regarding Tubers93 for a skit.

You definitely want to use basic Admin Essentials all the games have it it’s realistic. Fun
I would definitely recommend it especially for a cafe game or a roleplay.
But if your game is like a tycoon or something
Or obby HD Admin 100%

With Adonis Admin, you can disable fun commands and lots of different commands. I may or may not be working on an admin system centred around roleplay groups. hint hint

Bit late to be replying within this thread but, recently QBot has been making a comeback after being broken by Roblox API changes. But QBot features a very simple-to-use API for stuff like that, it is free to host on Oracle VMs. Click here to view the repo.


It depends, HD admin can work great for simulators but if you plan to make a corporation then I highly suggest using Basic Admin.


Welcome to the community! I agree with you for the most part but, HD Admin is the worst admin; while its just my opinion. I think Product EXE would work a lot better for simulators.

Use Basic Admin Essentials, it has a modern UI with non-abusive commands. After some testing, I’ve found out that Adonis is the slowest admin on the market and Basic Admin Essentials is the fastest.


Can you provide these results with numbers?

You can turn off fun commands in Adonis.