What admin should use for my roblox game?

I have a roblox game and I have no idea what admin to use!
Can anyone tell me what one I should use?

  • Basic Admin
  • HD Admin
  • Simple admin
  • Adonis Admin
  • Other (Please reply with the admin system)

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depends what type of game. If you need the Admin to be a mod tool I recommend using Basic Admin as its discrete, I don’t like HD admin as they slap there logo on the top bar.

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It really depends on what you’re using it for. For example I recommend Basic Admin for stuff such as hotel and cafe games. Adonis for other group games such as SCP’s and simulators. And HD for stuff such as vibe games

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I am working on removing the top bar logo from HD admin. Not going great…

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Alright! Thanks!
My game is a cafe game so I’ll add basic admin!


I don’t think that’s even allowed, I think HD admin, will enforce that you keep there logo there, otherwise your essentially stealing there work & to my knowledge I don’t believe HD-Admin is open source?

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Good choice, basic admin is good for moderation tools.

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You are 100% correct it is not open-source. But it is agents Roblox TOS to have the top bar last time I checked. But it’s not hard to make a credits command and show the complete credits of the admin.

No, its perfectly fine to have things on the top bar.

Yeh, but the creators know that nobody is going to make a “/credits” command because nobody will run that ant its hidden. They will get more traction by forcing there logo onto the topbar.

I saw a game that had their settings button ontop of the HD admin logo, i think it was some tiktok dance game or smth. But yeah. u could still SEE the logo but u couldnt click on it, because the settings button was ontop of it

Thats allowed. There may be some people having scripts on youtube for it. :smiley:

Prove me.

(That sounded a bit hard, but I would like an explination :slight_smile: )

Well. Basic Admin is The most common One. Whoever, Adonis is also really good, really really good. I recommend both!

I just have basic admin for my MR+ and I have adonis admin for my SHR’s. I was just seeing what one is good.

You could ask the developers maybe?

If your making a cafe, airport, restaurant e.t.c
FOR SURE USE “Basic Admin Essentials 2.0”

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One of the largest & most open-source and customisable projects, would totally recommend for beginners & advanced individuals.

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I suggest using Basic Admin Essentials. The reason behind this is because this admin was designed for role-play games like cafés and hotels, but if we look at other admins, they were made to abuse, like Adonis Admin, Kohls Admin Infinite, and HD Admin. All of those have the same thing in common, abusive commands.

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In addition to that you can create custom commands, allowing you to customize your system.